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Augustinian Historical Institute

The Institutum Historicum Augustinianum (IHA) is a cultural organization of the Order of St Augustine, and it has an international character.

The purposes of the IHA are to:

  • Develop and coordinate historical research activities concerning the Order of Saint Augustine.

  • Promote and organize meetings, conferences, courses, study days and congresses related to Augustinian history.

  • Publish the results of research in Analecta Augustiniana, or in other suitable publications.

  • Strengthen collaboration of the study and the teaching of the history of the Order.

  • Promote the interests of the Institute within the fields of historical and ecclesiastical studies.

  • Cultivate contacts with other similar historical institutes, associations and institutions.

  • Undertake any other activities that would be deemed advisable in accord with the purposes of the Institute.


Institutum Historicum Augustinianum

Via Paolo VI, 25I-00193 - Roma 

Tf. +39 06 680061


President: P. Isaac González Marcos OSA

Secretary: P. Josef Sciberras OSA

Counsellor: P. Jesús Álvarez Fernández OSA

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