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The Prior General on Benedict XVI: "We rejoice in this gift that God has given us in him"

In a heartfelt letter, the Prior General "mourned" the death of "our beloved Pope Emeritus", of whom we will always remember his great testimony of simplicity and humility. Father Alejandro Moral pointed out that "Christmas teaches us much in this sense because God, among other things, is a mystery of humility".

Father General spoke about the "profound theology and the enormous love for the Church" that Benedict XVI has bequeathed and recalled who was his "great teacher, our dear Father St. Augustine".

With this, Fr. Alejandro highlighted the value of the contributions of Ratzinger and his magisterium, for whom St. Augustine was "guide and teacher; for he relied on this Father of the Church, transmitting his thought and way of understanding the mystery of God and his relationship with man and with the world".

In conclusion, the Prior General urged the communities and the faithful to "unite in prayer for the eternal repose" of Pope Benedict XVI.

Christmas celebrations

Father Alejandro wished the whole Order a fraternal embrace and wished its members a good start to "this new year full of illusions, knowing that the Son of God and Mary - his and our Mother - accompany us and support us in our needs with their love". These days we mourn the death of our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, although our hearts overflow with joy for this great gift that God has given us in him.



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