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The Chapter of the Province of Belgium concludes with a call: "One heart on the way to God"

During the last days of last October, the second part of the Chapter of the Province of Belgium took place in the city of Ghent.

The Chapter, which took place in the fantastic Monastery of St. Stephen, was attended by the Prior General, Father Alejandro Antón Moral; the Assistant General for this circumscription, Father Paul Graham; and the Bursar of the General Curia, Father Franz Klein.

As some of the participants recounted, this new Chapter has served to "lay the foundations for a passionate rebirth" of this young community, with a marked international presence, of the Augustinians in the European country.

The main objectives outlined, underlined during the days of 28 and 31 October by the provincial superior, Fr. Martin Davakan, and his council, aim to implement improvements in formation, in pastoral ministry and in the reception of new projects and ideas that will continue to favour the community. "There is space and time," Fr Davakan said, insisting that the whole process can only happen if "we rely on friendship and mutual respect to build a bright future in ‘One heart and one soul on the way to God’", said the Belgian Provincial at the conclusion of the Chapter.



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