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The Vicariate of Venezuela celebrates its Intermediate Chapter "with full jars"

From 9-13 February, two important events took place in the Vicariate of Venezuela: the Vicariate Retreat and the Intermediate Chapter, following convocation by the Prior Provincial and confirmation by the Prior General. Both events were a real opportunity to exercise the spirit, to discover the will of God and to review and renew personal and community life. 

The Vicarial Retreat was held at the Casa La Consolación, in El Junquito, until 11 February. It was led by Fr Carlos Enrique Caamaño, Missionary of the Sacred Heart, under the theme of "the empty jars of the wedding feast of Cana." Fr Carlos led the participants on a spiritual journey that embraced silence, personal reflection, community review and a personal encounter with Christ in the Eucharist. 

Ten sessions, or meetings, made it possible to fill these "jars" with spirituality and light for religious life. Three complementary themes under consideration really stood out: "the culture of kindness", "the culture of prevention of abuse", and "the option for the poor and excluded." At other times, the retreat revolved around contemplation, interiority, the essence of religious life, and religious community. 

Review and renewal of the life of the Vicariate of Venezuela

Immediately following the retreat, the Intermediate Vicariate Chapter was scheduled to begin in the early hours of 12 February, at the Casa Beato Anselmo Polanco, in Caricuao UD-4, Caracas. This meeting of revision and renewal of the life and pastoral task of the Vicariate of Venezuela began with the opening Eucharist, presided by the Prior Provincial. 

Six chapter sessions, sixteen members attending, five reports on pastoral areas presented by the councillors and delegates, seven proposals presented to the Chapter Assembly, discussed and developed, highlighted the concerns of the friars for the care of the needy, the care of souls and administration of the sacraments, the accompaniment of young people and adults, the need to form and identify people with the charism, the promotion of youth and the prevention of abuse, vocations ministry and the establishment of a formation team wholly dedicated to the accompaniment of candidates.


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