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The Provinces of Ireland and England-Scotland are exploring a new merger within the Order

The Provincial Chapter of Ireland, 28-31 March 2022 stated that, given the current situation of declining vocations, the desirability and feasibility of a merger between the provinces of England-Scotland and Ireland should be explored.

The same issue was again on the table at the last meeting of the councils of the two provinces held in Dublin on 14-16 November.

"The creation of a new province can inject more vitality into the presence of the Augustinians in Great Britain and Ireland, allowing them to be more prophetic in their proclamation of the Gospel in a secularized world", was one of the statements that came out of this meeting, in which Clare Brophy, administrator of the provincial office of Ireland, and Fr. Paul Graham, assistant general for Northern Europe, were also present.

According to the General Curia's communications office, the next meeting will take place in early March next year, following a survey of the membership of the two provinces to assess whether or not this measure is appropriate.



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