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Prior General on the Solemnity of Pentecost: ‘The certainty that we are not alone fills us with hope and Life’

Father Alejandro Moral wanted to share with the whole Order of St. Augustine some words of encouragement and hope on the great feast of the Holy Spirit.

On this solemnity of Pentecost we cannot forget the words of the apostle when he says that ‘the love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us’.

Jesus is going away, He is leaving us, but He does not abandon us. It is impossible for Him to leave us in the dark because we are, for Him, His great love, together with the Father, for whom He has given His life. He is our Light, our Hope, our Life. He has to go away to the One who sent Him. He has been too ‘long’ away from the Father and, moreover, He wants to prepare for each of His children a dwelling place with Him.

Moreover, his going to the Father is opportune because, if he did not leave, the Paraclete would not come to us. Jesus does not abandon us but sends us the Spirit.

This assurance that we are not alone fills us with hope and gives us Life.

The Easter Season is special and full of Life. In Him, we have felt the immense Love of God and our hearts have been filled with that joy, peace and happiness that only He has been able to give us in His Son. This profound experience of God's Love in the three persons leads us to cry out ‘Come, Holy Spirit, send us your light from heaven. Come and do not forsake us. Fill our soul with your deep love. Be the source of our comfort. Without you, our being is empty. Come, Spirit of Truth, and help us. Guide us. Comfort us in our sorrows and pains. Spirit of Peace, heal our sick hearts and instill in them the fire of your love. Give us Peace, Spirit of Love, your Peace. Make us all feel that we are brothers and sisters. Let the fire of your Love heal all our wounds and give us comfort. May your love erase the hatred in our hearts. Give us always Peace.

On this solemnity, let us not forget the words of our Father St Augustine, who teaches us that God poured out his Spirit upon us as a foretaste of the gift he has in store for us: eternal life together with his love. “The Holy Spirit is our way, our guide and encouragement, so that we do not get lost on the way but reach a good end: living eternally in his love.” 



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