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24 hours with Jesus: Liceo de Cervantes in Barranquilla opens a new Perpetual Adoration Chapel

At the end of last year, the educational work of the Order, the Liceo de Cervantes in Barranquilla, belonging to the Province of Our Lady of Grace in Colombia, inaugurated the San Juan de Sahagún Perpetual Adoration Chapel

It is, as reported by our colleagues from the coffee-producing country, the first of its kind in the department of Atlantico, and of course within an educational institution. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Jesus the Eucharist on display. "A little piece of heaven on earth within reach of the whole city, a reality that touches the hearts of this community to understand the great blessing for all means to have this holy space," said the communication team of the Lyceum.

This initiative, which began under the rectorship of Brother Ronal Antivar Muriel, has been successfully concluded under the guiding hands of the pastoral director, Brother Camilo Pineda, and the administrator, Brother Ovidio Quintero.

The Archdiocese of Barranquilla, through its titular bishop, monsignor Pablo Emiro Salas Anteliz, joined in this inaugural Eucharistic celebration at the foot of the chapel.

It is estimated that more than 300 faithful gathered before the sacramentalised Christ in this first exposition. Most of them belonged to the Augustinian fraternity, families of the school, youth ministry, collaborators and the rest of the community that gathered around the Lyceum.

The management of the school wanted to highlight "this invaluable contribution of the Order of St. Augustine and which promises to be for years to come an oasis of peace, prayer, silence and spiritual strengthening for all those who want to seek and love Jesus Christ our Lord".



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