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The Board of Directors of the OALA holds its annual meeting

The Board of Directors of the Organization of Augustinians of Latin America (OALA) held its annual meeting in the city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, from 15th-19th April.

On the first day of activities, a fraternal welcome was extended to the participants and the work programme for the week was set out. In his opening speech, secretary general Fr Márcio Antonio Vidal stressed that the aim of the meeting was to share the actions that could be carried out in the initial year of the new Board, to rethink the work plan, to further strengthen the close bonds of fraternity and friendship, and to promote the collaboration and unity between members.

Fr Márcio also pointed out some issues that concern and challenge our Latin American and Caribbean brothers as Augustinians. In addition, Fr José Aridio Taveras de León gave an historical review of the presence of the Augustinians, their works and mission, in the region of the Antilles.

In the Easter context, in the homily of the Eucharist, the presence and word were highlighted as an Easter sign that offer a witness of communion, of participation and of Augustinian mission in our places of apostolate.

Second day: Eucharist and lectio divina

On the second day of the meeting, in a climate of gratitude, a thanksgiving Eucharist was celebrated to mark the birthday of Fr Jorge Martínez Vizueta, coordinator of the area of Initial Formation.

During the day's work, reports from some areas of the apostolate were presented, a reflection was held on the status of OALA media, and a lectio divina experience was held in the late afternoon.


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