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Monsignor Luis Marín on St John XXIII: "His example invites us to always realise the will of God"

The Parish of St Emmanuel and St Benedict, Madrid, hosted the book launch of "I speak to your heart: a biography of St. John XXIII" (Editorial San Pablo), written by the undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops, Monsignor Luis Marin OSA

"I hope that the words of this man of God -Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, Pope St John XXIII - will touch hearts and, like the seed that falls on good soil, bear abundant fruit." Monsignor Luis Marin de San Martin is an expert on the person and thought of St John XXIII, and has previously written numerous books, articles and publications of a historical nature on him. This, his most recent book, saw him invited to the Provincial Curia of Madrid to share with a large group of attendees some unique aspects of the life, work, gestures, charisms and impulses that Pope John XXIII promoted within the life of the Church. 

At the event, in which he was accompanied by Cardinal Mario Grech and the president of Catholic Action, Eva Fernandez, there was the opportunity to listen also to contributions from the Prior General of the Order of St Augustine, Fr Alejandro Moral, from the Prior Provincial, Fr Domingo Amigo, and from the editorial director of San Pablo, Fr Rafael Espino. The event was moderated by Fr Carlos Alonso, secretary of the Province of St John of Sahagún.

Fidelity to the deposit of faith

Msgr Luis Marín began his presentation by pointing out that there is none more revolutionary than a Christian who takes his faith seriously and acts accordingly. "This is a saint. And this is what John XXIII was," he stated at the outset. The Augustinian bishop explained that the secret of the success of the conciliar Pope was "to always seek, live and witness to the will of God."

During the book launch - attended also by family and friends of the Bishop - Cardinal Grech and Eva Fernandez emphasised the imprint that the pontificate of John XXIII has left in the history of the Church and pointed out that this figure is still of great relevance given the process of profound renewal that the Church is currently experiencing. "He who with his Second Vatican Council initiated a process of reform and revitalization, in fidelity to the deposit of faith and in dialogue with the contemporary world - as you can read for yourself in this book - speaks to us of humility, obedience, availability, courage, patience and charity. His example invites us to always and totally realise the will of God."



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