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English-speaking circumscriptions celebrate "unity in diversity" at their latest meeting

The Province of Australia hosted a meeting of the priors provincial, vicars and superior delegates of the English speaking circumscriptions of the Order of St Augustine.

The meeting opened with the celebration of Holy Mass in the parish community of St Kieran in Manly Vale, Sydney in New South Wales.

Fifteen friars gathered for the meeting, during which they discussed some universal issues that the different circumscriptions share, in the end agreeing to explore new avenues of cooperation and collaboration. Fr Joe Farrell, Vicar General of the Order, later reported that after these initial sessions, the debate moved on to focus on the Renovatio document and the Declaration approved by the members of the Intermediate General Chapter of 2022.

On the third day of the meeting, the major superiors were able to enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains, north of Sydney. As part of the trip, the visiting friars spent time with the Augustinian community of Our Mother of Good Counsel for Mass, and refreshments.

On the fourth and final day, the delegates from the Asia-Pacific region met in the provincial offices to discuss issues particular to that region. Fr Joseph told us that "these meetings, once again, have been a good opportunity to share our common Augustinian brotherhood while at the same time recognising the diversity of our Order."



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