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Bolivia approaches its last Ordinary Chapter with the Prior General in "good spirits, hope and great expectations"

Presided over by the Prior General of the Order of Saint Augustine, the Ordinary Provincial Chapter of the Vicariate of Bolivia took place from 28th to 29th December. Also present were the Assistant General for Latin America, Fr Alex Lam; the Bursar General of the Order, Fr Franz Klein; the Provincial of Chile, Fr Ignacio Busta, and his Provincial Councillor, Fr Juan Carlos Ayala

Deepening fraternal life, vocation promotion and economic sustainability: these are to be the three key elements of the vicariate programme for the coming period, having now concluded this final Chapter in Bolivia. 

Supported by Fr Alejandro, his Assistant General for Latin America, and the Provincial of Chile, our brothers of the Vicariate spent some days in shared reflection on the future of the circumscription, while also recognising the service rendered by Fr Marcelo Ramírez, Vicar until the election of Brother Eduardo Paredes. “By his election, we are in an unusual situation," commented Fr Lam, "in that Brother Paredes, not being a priest, will require special permission [to be able to undertake his new responsibilities].” 

As well as the election of the vicar, a new government team was also formed, approved by the provincial of Chile, since the vicariate of Bolivia comes under his purview.

Unity, exchange and communication with the Province of Chile

Once again, Fr Ignacio renewed his commitment to collaborate in the development and expansion of the vicariate, offering an open door and multiple communication channels with the province of the Andean country. This, according to Fr Lam, shows the "importance of a fluid exchange" between both countries’ governing councils and for the benefit of the Order across the wider territory. 

With this shared sentiment in mind, the vicariate programme for the next few years was worked on, and in this same spirit, and in the words of the Assistant General, "a new stage is underway in which renewed possibilities for the vicariate are hoped for, with a more agile, more determined and more communicative government." And all within a framework of ambition and hope for the future.



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