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Fr. Martin Banga Ayanyaki OSA, new Bishop of Buta

Updated: Apr 18

The Holy Father has appointed Rev. Fr. Martin Banga Ayanyaki, O.S.A., until now Regional Vicar of the Order of St. Augustine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as Bishop of the Diocese of Buta (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Curriulum vitae

H.E. Mgr. Martin Banga Ayanyaki, O.S.A., was born on 1 December 1972 in Dungu in the Administrative Province of Haut-Uélé (Democratic Republic of Congo). After completing his studies at Saint Augustine Philosophy and Theology at Saint'Eugène de Mazenod University in Kinshasa, he was ordained a priest on 28 August 2003, in Poko, Diocese of Dungu-Doruma.

He has held the following positions and pursued further studies: Vice-parish priest in Poko, Doruma-Dungu Diocese (2003-2006); Councillor of the Augustinian Vicariate and parish priest in Poko (2006-2010); Regional Vicar of the Order of Saint Augustine (2010-2014); pastoral collaborator at the Convent of Santa Maria del Popolo, in Rome (2014-2020); Doctorate in Sociology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (2014-2020). Since 2022 he has been Regional Vicar of the Order of Saint Augustine and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Saint Augustine University in Kinshasa.



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