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Venerable Menochio, to be studied at the Patristic for his "unswerving loyalty in times of agitation"

Updated: Jan 7

As part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the death of the Venerable Bartolomeo Menochio, Augustinian, bishop of Porfirio and Prefect of the Apostolic Tabernacle (Carmagnola 1741 - Rome 1823), a day of studies was held at the Pontifical Patristic Institute "Augustinianum"

The event, sponsored by the General Postulation, under the direction of Fr. Josef Sciberras, and the Augustinian Province of Italy, brought together leading scholars to explore in depth the historical context and the nuances of the life and works of this eminent Augustinian religious.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Ivana Giglio, mayor of Carmagnola; the Honorable Luca Alberto Filiberto, president of the Municipal Council of Carmagnola and Father Giustino Casciano, Prior Provincial of the Augustinians in Italy.

"The most intimate aspects of his life, actions and spirituality"

The interventions of various speakers, experts in various historical disciplines, offered a comprehensive analysis not only of the historical context, but also of the most intimate aspects of the life, actions and spirituality of the Venerable. These contributions shed light on the extraordinary dedication of Menochius, who maintained an unwavering loyalty to the Apostolic See in times of great turmoil, carrying out his ministry with unquestioning commitment. The lectures will be published in the near future and will serve as a means of getting to know the venerable Menochius better.



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