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St. Rita of Marylake: a center of hope for seniors in Canada

The Augustinian Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel, which comprises communities and ministries in Canada and the Midwest, is working with Ontario government officials to develop a long-term care facility for its elderly population.

This exciting project responds to a critical need in the area. According to data offered by the center, the municipality where the Augustinians work with seniors has long been one of the most underserved areas in Ontario in terms of medical units with skilled nursing. There are only 36 units currently available to serve a population of 27,300 residents. "This is one of the lowest ratios of beds to the number of people over the age of 85 in the province and licenses for these beds will expire in 2025." This, if not remedied with a new space, would mean leaving many people in a vulnerable situation. They will no longer have family support and will require a space providing love, care and attention.

According to the Province, this initiative is expected to respond to the growing demand for health and spiritual care with 160 new beds for the elderly of King Township, once the new modules of the St. Rita Centre in Marylake are completed.

Specialized health care services will also be available, including on-site nurse practitioners, a dialysis unit, enhanced chronic disease management, medication management programs and short-term respite care, which will reduce the future burden on the Township's health care services and improve services for the King community in general and for our fathers and brothers in the Province in particular.

New facility in sight

For more than 70 years, the brothers and priests of the Order of St. Augustine have been the custodians of Marylake, welcoming visitors and caring for the hundreds of acres that make up the area's natural heritage. This new expansion of St. Rita's Marylake Long-Term Care Home is "an opportunity to provide quality, modern, long-term care for residents and their families."

Groundbreaking has already taken place and the new facility is expected to be fully operational in 48 months.



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