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Prior General visits the Augustinian nuns' monasteries of Lecceto and Figline Valdarno

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

On October 12, Father Alejandro Moral visited the Augustinian Sisters of the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Lecceto located in a beautiful natural setting 10 km from the city of Siena, Italy

Accompanied by the Secretary General of the Order, Fr. Pasquale di Lernia and the Assistant General for Southern Europe, Fr. Javier Perez Barba, the Prior General was able to enjoy a fraternal meeting, in deep and rich dialogue with the sisters, in which various issues related to the Augustinian Order and contemplative religious life were addressed; besides taking the opportunity to greet and personally congratulate Sister Gemma Barichello, who a few weeks earlier celebrated 100 years of life.

On October 13 they were received at the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Figline Valdarno, a little more than 30 km from the city of Florence. With the joy that characterizes them, the sisters were very welcoming and grateful for the visit of the Prior General, who was especially solicitous and attentive to the older sisters, who have a long and vivid memory.

The friars stayed at the Augustinian convent in Florence, which has the last work of Brunellesci, the Church of the Holy Spirit, and which this year celebrates the 60th anniversary of the rediscovery of Michelangelo's lost crucifix.



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