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Directory and Regulations of the International Commission on Finance of the Order

A) Constitutions and Members

1. The International Commission on Finance of the Order will be constituted at the beginning of each six year term by the Prior General and his Council from among members of the Order, after hearing the advise of the respective Provincials (cf. Const., no. 501, b).

2. The Prior General will be the normal president of the Commission, or he may delegate one of the Assistant Generals or the General Economo.

3. The Economo General will be an ex officio member of the International Finance Commission by virtue of his responsibilities.


4. Besides the members previously cited, the Commission will be inclusive by having six or eight religious from different circumscriptions of the Order.


5. The Commission itself, with the agreement of its member is able to invite lay experts, when –by reason of its work- their knowledge and experience is required (cf. Cont., no. 501, a).


B) Competencies of the Commission:

1. The International Commission on Finance of the Order is a consultative body (cf. Const., no. 501, b) of the Prior General and Council for financial concerns that may have repercussions or importance for all the Order.


2. The International Finance Commission ought to be consulted –and it ought to submit its opinion- when extraordinary financial operations are being considered for the good of the Order outside of a General Chapter.


3. It gives its assessment to the Prior General and the General Council, at their request, when it concerns financial matters of importance and those that effect the whole Order.


4. To help the Prior General and the General Council in developing the Program approved by General Chapter every six years on financial matters.


5. To serve in the explanation and transmission to different circumscriptions of the Order regarding the projects and decisions of the General Council which refer to finances.


6. To give advice to the General Chapter on the propositions that are to be presented at the General Chapters (either ordinary or intermediate) regarding financial matters.


7. The task of the Commission is to present to the General Chapter (either ordinary or extraordinary) propositions of a financial character, at the judgement of the Commission, that may redound on the good of the whole Order (cf. Const. no. 412).


8. To raise awareness of the Order’s solidarity between the circumscriptions and its service to the poor.


9. To study, evaluate and offer to the Prior General and the General Council the best opinion – regarding national legislation which may effect of the transmission of the material goods to the General Curia in a case where the Order abandons its presence and in a particular nation.

C) Meetings of the Commission

1. Ordinary: The Commission will meet once a year.


2. Extraordinary: The president has the right to convoke the Commission whenever he deems convenient and necessary.


D) Convoking, Quorum and Acts

1. The regular meetings of the Commission ought to be convoked with at least two months notice, with a clear agenda and with all the necessary documentation. This is so that the members of the Commission that attend the meeting will have a sufficient knowledge of the purpose.


2. Extraordinary meetings ought to be convoked with at least 15 days notice and with the same preparatory conditions as an ordinary meeting.


3. The Commission is considered constituted when half plus one of the membership is in attendance.


4. The Commission itself will nominate a Secretary who will take down all the Acts of each meeting. A copy of the minutes of the Acts will be sent to all the members of the Commission in the least amount of time. The Acts will be read, edited – in some cases-, approved and signed at the following meeting of the Commission by all the members attending the same. The secretary will publish a brief summary of each meeting for the Order’s website.

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