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The process of canonization of the Augustinian missionary Salustiano Miguélez continues in Argentina

Since the initial presentation of the document of supplication and diocesan investigation on the life, heroic virtues, reputation for holiness and signs of Fr. Salustiano, presented on 1 December 2017 by the Postulator General of the Order of St. Augustine, Fr. Josef Sciberras OSA, steps have been taken towards the canonization of this great missionary.

As the Province of Sahagún tells us, the Augustinian missionary Salustiano Miguélez Romero, born in the Zamora municipality of Santibáñez de Tera (19 February 1919 - 16 December 1999), served the Order of St. Augustine both in positions of responsibility as well as in simple tasks, competently and with humility, first in Spain and then in Rome until 1972 after which he was sent to Argentina.

Those who knew him point out that his life was characterized by a permanent and intense interior growth, in a deeply Augustinian style. Those who lived with him during his years of priestly service in the Calchaquíes Valleys and in Salta (1972-1999), where time has not been able to erase his reputation testify to this.

“Father Salus", as he was familiarly known, was undoubtedly a religious of small body, but of gigantic spirit. His biography testifies to this. Even as a child he showed his typical qualities: permanent joy, constant optimism, unceasing work, captivating simplicity, full humanity, deep religiosity, and exemplary fulfilment of his duties. As a man of proven spiritual maturity and equilibrium, he always affirmed that there were no bad people, but rather weak ones. He was as demanding of himself as he was understanding of others.

Opening of the canonisation process

Father Miguelez Romero was declared a Servant of God on 20 February 2021, the first step towards his future beatification.

On 3 January, Monsignor Mario Antonio Cargnello, bishop of Salta, informed the faithful that the process of canonisation of the Servant of God, Fr. Salustiano Miguelez Romero OSA, had begun, in response to the request presented on 1 December 2022 by the Postulator General of the Order of St. Augustine, Fr. Josef Sciberras OSA. The request asked for the beginning of the diocesan phase of investigation into the life and heroic virtues, as well as the fame of sanctity of the Servant of God, and of the possible miracles attributed to his intercession.

"I have signed the edict from which I invite all the faithful to send me news and reports on the life, virtues and graces that each one attributes to the intercession of Fr Salustiano", said the bishop a few days ago.

Prayer to ask for his beatification

Lord, if it pleases you, we ask you to glorify with the title of Blessed Fr. Salustiano Miguelez OSA, who by his dedication to others knew how to be a faithful servant of your Church. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

We also ask you to pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be for this process.

Likewise, in order to facilitate the instruction of his process of canonization, those who obtain graces through the intercession of Fr. Salustiano are asked to communicate it to the regional vicar of the Order of St. Augustine at Agüero 2320 (Buenos Aires), by telephone at (011) 4801-0230 or by writing to the following email:



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