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A week at the Augustinianum in Rome to immerse oneself in the life and work of St. Augustine

From the 7-11 November, students of the Patristic and other Pontifical Faculties of Rome, lay people and priests of Italian dioceses, as well as a large group of Augustinian nuns and religious participated in the Week of Studies on the figure and work of St. Augustine in the Patristic Institute Augustinianum of Rome.

These days, since 2018 part of the ongoing formation offered by the Cathedra Augustiniana directed by Fr. Pasquale Cormio, have been an opportunity to delve into some of the writings of the bishop of Hippo, such as De civitate Dei, De vera religione, De sermone Domini in monte, De doctrina christiana, the Regula or the Tractatus on the Gospel of John. Also, the speakers who took part in this Week were able to deal with other matters such as the preaching of St. Augustine, his exegetical journey on the Pauline letters, the Pelagian controversy, the baptismal catechesis and the reflection on marriage and the family.

The initiative is addressed mainly to all those interested in the doctrine and spirituality of St. Augustine who wish to approach his writings. This includes students of different humanistic and ecclesiastical disciplines, members of religious institutes and congregations, and lay people.

The annual programme offered by the Cathedra consists of two modules of 30 hours each, spread over two years. Over five days, Monday to Friday, there are face-to-face classes and time for personal study.

For those interested in finding out more about the course offered by the Augustinianum Patristic Institute, please contact Father Pasquale Cormio at the following email address:



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