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OSA Laity Commission Meet to Organize Congress 2012

The Laity Commission of the Order met towards the end of January in Buenos Aires to prepare for the Laity Congress to be held in Rome in 2012. Nine friars and seventeen laypeople took part.

The subtitle of the Congress will be "Being the Body of Christ for the World of Today".

It is hoped to establish a solidarity fund to help those less able to pay defray some of the heavy cost of travel from a long distance. Various working groups were appointed to cover the different details of the congress.

Some of the considerations to which the commission applied its thoughts were:

  • How to enable Augustinian fraternities throughout the world to liaise with each other; - the final session will be devoted to this question;

  • To establish communications links to enable those interested but not present to take part in the reflections before, during and after the congress;

  • Participants should have at least some active involvement with Augustinian ministry—not simply personal interest;

  • A structure proposed for the future membership of the commission—delegates to be chosen by local constituencies before the congress.

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