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Justice & Peace

Saint Augustine committed himself to the human person, not only for the sake of solidarity and asceticism, but for the sake of justice, whose promotion and dissemination becomes the mature fruit of our Augustinian fraternity. Our Order witnesses to solidarity in the circles in which we find ourselves. For this reason we commit ourselves in a permanent and concrete way to the poor and disadvantaged and have assumed a preferential option for the poor.

The social apostolate is exercised by the many means that are available to us:

  • We encourage it systematically from the very beginning of formation, so that all our candidates, according to their level of maturity, recognize and show that fraternity reaches beyond the limits of the Order.

  • We impart knowledge of the social teaching of the Church and the social sciences within the curriculum of philosophical-theological studies.

  • We bring to all our apostolic activities this option for the poor and marginalized of society, who are those most affected by human injustice.

  • We seek to establish active groups within our communities, among the faithful and among the students of our schools, not only to provide social assistance, but especially so that they can serve as agents of Augustinian social commitment.


Motivated by this social commitment of ours, we try to listen attentively to the concerns of the Church and of society, and offer assistance so that the questions which the groups among whom we work present to us, may be more clearly identified and more easily resolved, such as: the defense of life, human rights, the situation of migrants, the dignity of women, the protection of youth, justice and peace, a more balanced economic order, the conservation of nature, etc.

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